Saugeen River CSA

We are an 80 acre Biodynamic farm located in the rolling hills of Grey County.  Our mixed farm focuses on providing vegetables, herbs and flowers for our surrounding community through the summer and winter CSA.  We are currently converting our farm into as much draft horse power as possible with a team of Belgians and a team of Percherons.  We also have Highland cattle, ducks, laying hens and raise a couple of pigs.  Our farm is small enough that apprentices get a chance to be involved in most of it: from starting plants in the greenhouse, to soil preparation, composting, planting and seeding crops, irrigation, cultivation, crop rotating, covercropping, harvesting, packing, marketing, animal care, rotational grazing, horse sense, seed saving… etc. all in the context of Biodynamics.  We are also part of a local vegetable seed growers network “Seeds of Transition.”  Our farm is a mentor farm in the North American Biodynamic Apprentice Program.  Spring and fall workshops complement the practical learning apprentices receive.

Contact: Cory Eichman
tel: 519 369 3567
e-mail: saugeenrivercsa at