Orchard Hill Farm

Do you like animals? Are you passionate about delicious food? Want to benefit from 30 years of organic farming experience?

Orchard Hill Farm is a 93 acre diversified organic farm, growing 3 acres of vegetables and small fruit to supply our 100 family CSA, hay, pasture, and grains for our livestock (horses, laying hens, house beef animal and pigs) and for seed. Most of our farm work is done with Suffolk Punch horses, a very old and rare breed of draft horse specially suited for work in field and forest. We strive to balance land area, livestock, manure production, energy use and crop production so that we have a largely energy self-sufficient farm that maintains or improves its soil fertility while producing nutritious and safe food for our local community.

Ellen grew up on the farm, spent many years working as a chef and has a particularly flavor-focused approach to growing food. She cooked two 5 course dinners on the farm in 2017 and plans to host another 2 this summer. Her parents, Ken and Martha, the founders of Orchard Hill, remain quite involved in the operation of the farm and serve as a great wealth of knowledge for the aspiring farmer. We are accepting 3 apprentices for the 2018 season, late March – mid-October. Monthly stipend in addition to room and board, work 5 days a week with 2 additional field days each month. If you are looking for a rich learning experience that will help prepare you to start farming, apply to Orchard Hill.

Contact: Ellen Laing
45415 Fruit Ridge Line, St. Thomas, ON N5P 3S9
tel: 519-200-1403
e-mail: info@orchardhillfarm.ca
website: www.orchardhillfarm.ca