Meeting Place Organic Farm

Meeting Place Organic Farm is a 100 acre, certified organic, mixed livestock farm and apple orchard mostly powered by Belgian and Suffolk Punch work horses and human muscle power. We raise grass fed beef cattle, pastured pork, pastured chickens and laying hens along with our draft horses and a small apple orchard. We are restarting our CSA model vegetable garden shares, also with the option for flower/bouquet shares. We will also sell at local farmers markets. We also do selective logging and gather firewood in our woodlot. Our main income is from selling freezer meats directly to families in SW Ontario.

Apprentices will have the chance to be involved in all aspects of running a self reliant farm: raising horses, cattle, pigs, meat chickens, a couple dairy goats and laying hens; learning about using work horses, and growing your own food, including food preservation and cheese making. There will also be lots of time to work on starting, growing, harvesting and marketing vegetable and fruit crop. And depending on interest and aptitude, there will be opportunities for building and equipment maintenance.

We are certified organic by EcoCert. We’ve been concerned about sustainability and renewable energy since the mid 1970′s and have a passive solar home with a 10 kW microfit solar array interfaced with the grid. We also use photovoltaic panels to run our garden irrigation and livestock watering systems.

We use and teach Holistic Management courses and use planned grazing and portable fencing in our operation. We have apprentice housing on the farm and eat most meals together. We are a distance from other CRAFT farms so you need to be interested in and focused on the learning opportunities we offer rather than expecting an extensive social life with other farms.

We are looking to take several apprentices in 2017. We have shifted into our second generation of family farmers, so you’ll get the benefit of a multigenerational operation. If you are interested in learning a wide spectrum of small farming skills we would be pleased to share our 40+ years of experience with you!

Katrina, Fran & Tony McQuail
86016 Creek Line RR 1, Lucknow, ON N0G 2H0
e-mail: katrina AT meetingplaceorganicfarm DOT ca

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