Everdale Organic Farm

Everdale’s Sustainable Farming Certificate

Some very exciting changes to the SFC program for 2017!  In addition to getting a structured, curriculum based program, amazing food and a great place to live our students will also walk away from the program with money in their pocket!  Read the ‘Full Details Package’ on Everdale’s website for more information.

Everdale’s SFC program follows a structured curriculum designed to immerse students in on-farm life.  In addition to practical training students will take part in seminars, workshops, fields trips, and project work.

Curriculum components include

  • Seminars.  Most have classroom and field demonstration components.  Topics include things like transplants, greenhouse management, direct seeding, compost, irrigation, post-harvest handling and more.
  • Workshops.  Experts in topics like seed saving and canning will lead in-depth discussions and trainings.
  • Field trips.  A minimum of 6 field trips to other local farms.
  • Project work.  An SFC lead group garden plot among other programs tailored to individual student interest.

Are you a future SFC student?

We are looking for students who are inspired by Everdale’s mission and want to play an active role in that work. The SFC program is about more than simply learning the techniques of farming. It’s an immersion into the world of sustainable agriculture. Students will meet dozens of farmers and local food activists and in doing so become connected to a progressive and optimistic local food community.

Come live and learn on one of Ontario’s oldest organic farms!

For contact information, full program details, application forms, and a sample training schedule go to http://everdale.org/farmertraining/sustainable-farming-certificate/